Cardiac Science Powerheart® AEDs Will Meet New AHA and ERC Resuscitation Guidelines

Future Powerheart® AEDs will fully incorporate the new guidelines. In addition, all Powerheart® AEDs currently in use today are capable of being reconfigured to support the new recommended one-shock defibrillation protocol. Software updates to implement the new guidelines in current Powerheart® AEDs will be available during 2006.

Many customers already regard Powerheart® AEDs as the easiest-to-use, most technologically-advanced available. Powerheart® AEDs include patented Rescue Ready® technology to assure functionality when needed to rescue a sudden cardiac arrest victim. Powerheart® AEDs also incorporate the company's patented RHYTHMx® analysis software, which boasts 100 percent sensitivity in detecting life-threatening heart rhythms, as well as its STAR® biphasic shock technology which determines, based on each patient's unique physiology, the amount of defibrillation energy needed to successfully restore a victim's heartbeat. Daily automatic self-testing for the presence and functionality of pre-connected defibrillation electrodes, a self-contained battery system with an integrated memory chip that automatically stores important operational history, and hardware components that help ensure reliability offer distinct advantages compared to competitive devices.


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