Dental Assistant Jobs~

Dental Assistants have a detail-oriented mindset that makes them very meticulous. They are interested in healthcare, they seem to have an innate desire to help other people, and they may enjoy volunteering in their spare time.

HighTechInstitute graduates will be qualified to provide instruments and materials to dentists; During a patient exam, you may also instruct patients on proper oral care, remove sutures, apply anesthetics to gums or cavity-preventive agents to teeth; keep patients' mouths clear, sterilize instruments and equipment, and prepare tray setups for dental procedures; and more.

Make sure that when you do enrol in any dental assistant program, the following would be offered to you:

  • An Associate of Science Degree
  • The fundamentals of dental x-ray
  • Education in dental science and CPR certification
  • Chairside training with regard to dental equipment, instruments and tray set-ups
  • Knowledge of proper laboratory procedures
  • An introduction to dental health and preventative dentistry
  • Basic dental office administration duties for large or small dental practices
  • Externship in a dental facility

Apollo college Dental asistants work directly with the patient and dentist in chair-side procedures and perform dental office administrative duties. Apollo College's dental assistant program will prepare the student to work as a dental assistant, front office receptionist, or dental office manager in governmental agencies, private dental practices and hospitals that include dental health care.

Upon graduation from the program, state x-ray certification is strongly recommended for dental assistants working with a dentist in chair-side procedures. In most states, testing is administrated by the state in a separate facility. Upon completion of all classroom instruction and skills training, students perform learned skills during a 240-hour externship in a Dentist's office, dental clinic or other approved dental care facility.

According to the US Department of Labor, there will be a very high increase in Dental Assisting jobsuntil the year 2014 ( U.S. Department of Labor )

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