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Department of Conservative Dentistry, Dental School, Dundee, UK.

OBJECTIVES: This investigation sought to study the permeability of three commonly used clinical gloves when exposed to chemical agents. METHODS: A total of 35 gloves of each type were selected at random and were assigned to one of seven equally sized treatment groups. The effective barrier properties were investigated following treatment for 15 min with one of: acid etchant, Trim, cavity varnish, Hibiscrub, Hydrex and Vitremer using a dye permeability test. Following the chemical insult a 0.02% solution of erythrosine dye was introduced into each glove and the outer glove surface was washed with 10 ml of distilled water at intervals of 30, 60, 90 and 120 min. The percentage absorption of the collected washings, at 530 nm, was determined using a spectrophotometer. The results were compared with those values obtained from untreated gloves. RESULTS: Acid etchant and Hydrex had little effect on any of the gloves. Trim caused an increase in permeability of the vinyl gloves but had little or no effect upon those made of latex. Cavity varnish increased the permeability of both Biogel D and Tru-Touch but had no effect on Featherlite. The integrity of the latex gloves was diminished by Hibiscrub but little effect was observed in the case of the vinyl based glove. The permeability of all three gloves was increased by exposure to Vitremer liquid. CONCLUSIONS: Manufacturers should provide details of potential glove chemical interactions to assist dentists in glove selection.

Medical grade. Meets FDA 510K requirements. USDA compliant. Fits either hand. Rolled cuff and powdered for easy on/off. Natural color, nonsterile.Skin-tight elastic fit. Provides excellent dexterity for medical, dental and lab applications. 4-5 mil thick.

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Founded in 2000, Aurelia® is the leading dental, medical and industrial safety glove brand in North America. A division of Supermax, Aurelia is one of the only brands that has its own manufacturing facilities. In 2006, they shipped over 20 billion gloves to over 150 countries.



‘Better protection’ has been the goal of Ansell Limited ever since the company was founded. In its constant quest for ever-improved protection, comfort and quality, Ansell communicates intensively with communities, end-users and expert trade associations to gauge their wants and needs.






Microflex is the premium, branded disposable and limited-use product supplier within the business-to-business marketplace.


Select from a wide variety of high quality disposable examination and industrial grade gloves that offer superior hand protection ensuring superior comfort, excellent durability, outstanding barrier protection, amazing sensitivity and the best in fit.





  Cranberry examination gloves series, with new 2003 packaging, promises superior comfort, consistency, and the most innovative health protection technology on the market. Designed for the unique requirements of dental professionals, Cranberry gloves are enriched with preferred features like low protein latex, low modulus nitrile, and odorless vinyl.   DASH is a major supplier of high quality, disposable latex and synthetic exam gloves for the medical, dental and industrial markets.DASH gloves offer users an excellent biological barrier with superior comfort and fit and are specially designed to address the concerns of healthcare workers regarding latex sensitivity.
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