Dental Supplies ~

Reduce the Cost of Your Dental Supplies:
From latex gloves to x-ray film, our dental supplies companies offers dental supplies from all the major dental manufacturers. With us you'll be advised to buy the quantities you need, rather than larger quantities that might bury you in a huge inventory that turns out to be a false economy. Ask about our Supply Savings Guarantee that we'll reduce the cost of your dental supplies, while also enabling you and your dental team to spend more time with patients.

Dental Practice Software:
The right dental practice software helps increase your dental practice productivity and profitability. We recommend and works closely with DAISY dental practice software because of their proven products, prompt customer service and seamless integration with major digital diagnostic products.

Increase your dental office profitability with dental equipment, dental supplies and DAISY dental practice software from us.

We are known as a great full-service dental suppliers in the country. We also sell veterinary supplies to companion-pet veterinary clinics in the eastern United States and the third largest nationally.

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