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The Twister pro is a hands-free vacuum mixer designed for homogenous, bubble-free mixing of dental stones, investments, silicones, and alginate materials. The mixer is equipped with an automatic-coupling aid that locks the mixing-bowl assembly to the unit when attached. Twister pro has five user programs for mixing materials. Program parameters are: mixing time (0-5 min), mixing speed (150-600 rpm), direction of rotation, prevacuum (0-60 sec), and post-vacuum (0-60 sec). The unit’s control panel has a touchpad to select the appropriate program and turn the unit on/off. There is a liquid-crystal display (LCD) to view the current program in use, which can be displayed in English, German, French, Italian, or Spanish. A control knob located in the center of the control panel is used to start and stop the mixing cycles as well as make adjustments to the mixing programs. A built-in intake filter prevents excess stone from entering the pump. The Twister pro can be used as a benchtop unit, with an optional stand, or as a wall-mounted unit. Its weight is 22 1/4 lbs. and dimensions are 5.5” x 12.8” x 8.8”. Twister pro is available in 120V, 50-60Hz or 230V, 50-60Hz. Standard delivery includes: Twister pro, one 500-ml bowl assembly, operating instructions, and a mounting template. The stand for benchtop use and 65-, 200-, 700-, and 1000-ml bowl assemblies are sold separately. The Twister pro has a three-year warranty.