A system for performance testing of diagnostic X-ray equipment

A test system has been designed which is capable of evaluating the performance of radiographic and fluoroscopic equipment. The test system consists of an alignment frame which can accept any of several modules depending upon the tests selected to be performed. This versatility allows a maximum number of tests to be performed with a minimum amount of support equipment. The factors which can be measured using this test system include; local spot location, alignment between the X-ray and light localizer fields, half-value layer, reproducibility of X-ray exposure, linearity of exposure with the tube current, illuminance of light localizer, fluoroscopic patient entrance exposure rate, transmission through primary barrier, alignment between the X-ray field and the image receptors. The test was done by TJ Morgan, CK Showalter, and GJ Barone, from the Bureau Radiological Health, Rockville, MD, USA.




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